13 Overnight Oats Recipe Ideas for the Easiest Morning Ever

If you have not already hopped aboard the overnight oats bandwagon, you happen to be missing out. The ever-growing trend is a Pinterest preferred for a explanation. All it requires to make them is a tiny bit of mixing and a evening in the fridge. When you wake up, bing, bang, boom—they’re ready to consume.

Make breakfast in bed a reality with these 13 straightforward-as-pie overnight oats recipes. Most of them taste like dessert (get ready for lots of cake-flavored suggestions). And thanks to the oats and other nutritious components like nuts, chia seeds, and fresh fruit, they are also all packed with protein, complicated carbs, and fiber. So you can start your day on a wholesome note with no truly getting to do any A.M. work to make it occur.

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