30 Amazing Instant Pot Recipes

The Immediate Pot is the new kitchen super hero, and teamed up with super at-property chefs, its powers are virtually boundless.  I am reasonably new to the Immediate Pot scene, and I am in awe of the possibilities.  The speed with which you can produce a meal tends to make so many recipes an selection for even busy nights.  It is got the ease of crock pot cooking but with super hero-like swiftness. And considering that you can saute and brown your protein, if desired, in the Instant Pot, you have much less clean up.  Our Instant Pot recipe round-up is filled with wholesome and tantalizing dishes for novices as properly as veterans to Instant Pot cooking.  Make your cooking even more rapidly on weeknights by pre-chopping your veggies and proteins earlier in the week for time-saving on busy nights.



Immediate Pot Hard Cooked Eggs by The Prairie Homestead.


Eggs are ready in about 15 minutes with this approach.  The highlight is that you put the eggs into the Immediate Pot and let it do all of the work rather than you obtaining to watch for them to come to a boil, take away from the burner, and cover as you would for stove-leading cooking. PLUS – they peel extremely effortless!  You have got to attempt it.

Immediate pot oatmeal by My Plant Primarily based Household.


Dump your steel cut oats and water into your instant pot, set it, and stroll away.  You don’t have to stir or watch as it cooks.  Just return after the Immediate Pot has completed its magic to have a warm and filling oatmeal breakfast.

Immediate Pot Yogurt by Tidbits.

The easiest and yummiest way to make homemade yogurt - with the modern day pressure cooker.

You can make your own amazing yogurt making use of your Instant Pot to serve for breakfast, snack, or to use in recipes.


Whilst soup is scrumptious on a cold day, several of us do not make a pot of soup on a busy weeknight.    With your Instant Pot, you can add soup to the weeknight menu with ease.

Immediate Pot chicken soup by Mommypotamus.


Chicken soup has several amazing qualities-it’s soothing, healing, and scrumptious.  And making it in the Immediate Pot adds almost effortless to its list of qualities.

Immediate Pot vegetable soup by Fat Free of charge Vegan.


Because pre-cut frozen vegetables are utilised in this recipe, no chopping is essential top to extremely little prep time needed.

Minestrone soup by Don’t Mess with Mama.


This minestrone soup is a hearty vegetarian soup with gluten totally free and vegan choices.

Creamy Thai coconut chicken soup by Rasa Malaysia.


Comforting beef barley soup by Little Spice Jar.


Chicken Vegetable Soup by A Squirrel in the Kitchen.


Chicken soup with carrots, celery and leeks give comfort and warmth.

Instant Pot chicken stock by Budget Bytes.


Wonderful chicken stock, ready to be employed in a quantity of recipes, can be ready in less than an hour.

Scrumptious lentil soup by What the Heck Do I Consume Now.


Take pleasure in another vegetarian soup alternative, with red and brown lentils, carrots, corn, and potatoes

Beef, Chicken, and Pork

All-in-one Instant Pot chicken and brown rice by Super Healthy Kids.

All-in-one Instant Pot Chicken and Brown Rice | Super Healthy Kids | Food and Drink

This 1-pot chicken dish consists of every thing you require in your meal-your protein, grains, and vegetables-except for fruit, which you can serve on the side.  A bonus about this recipe is that it is written for somebody brand new to the Immediate Pot and explains every single step in detail.

Immediate Pot sloppy Joe meat by My Heart Beets.


Sloppy Joes are a comfort food for many, and this healthier homemade version makes it to the table rapidly by making use of an Immediate Pot.

A single pot spaghetti squash and meat sauce by Skinny Taste.


How incredible is it that you can cook your squash proper on best of your sauce?

Stress cooker chili-lime chicken by Our Best Bites.


This scrumptious chicken can be employed in salad, burritos, quesadillas, rice bowls, in sandwiches, and far more.  If you choose, skip the liquid smoke.

Instant Pot pork carnitas by Skinny Taste.


This recipe produces yummy Mexican pulled pork that you can use in tacos, taco salad, burritos and wherever else you are inspired to use it.

Paleo Immediate Pot Mexi-meatloaf by Predominately Paleo.


Immediate stew by The Domestic Man.


Beef stew is a winter favourite, and is a wonderful Instant Pot candidate.  This recipe calls for red wine, but you can use much more broth as an alternative if you prefer.

Instant Pot complete “rotisserie” chicken by A Pinch of Healthy.


It requires much less than an hour to reap the reward of a tender, juicy, and flavorful whole chicken.

Straightforward a single pot pressure cooker spaghetti Bolognese by Stress Cook Recipes.


Immediate Pot salsa verde chicken by Cookies and Cups.


However another versatile shredded chicken to be utilized in so numerous methods throughout the week.

Lemon butter chicken by Jeannine Ross.


This mouthwatering recipe was adapted from Damn Scrumptious to make it Immediate Pot ready.

Texas beef chili by My Heart Beets.


Tasty chili made is significantly less than an hour is a win.

Stuffed bell peppers by Al Pravato.  We typically make our stuffed peppers on the grill, but very first, we parboil the peppers whilst sautéing veggies and browning ground meat.  This Instant Pot recipe does everything in one dish, producing so considerably less to clean up.

Vegetarian Fare

Vegetarian sweet potato chili by Cookie and Kate.


I’ve produced a number of recipes from this web site and have never ever been disappointed.

Chickpea sweet potato spinach curry by Vegan Richa.


Check out the notes section at the bottom of the recipe for Instant Pot directions.

Instant Pot vegetarian chili by Center Cut Cook.


This vegetarian chili boasts a range of beans, sweet potato, and corn.  It also calls for ½ cup of beer, but really feel cost-free to substitute water as an alternative.

1 pot pressure cooker penne rigate pasta by Pressure Cook Recipes.



Pressure cooker quinoa by Eat Inside Your Indicates.


A single minute of cooking for excellent quinoa.  Wonderful!

Instant Pot brown rice by Our Greatest Bites.


No need to have to wait for your water to boil on the stove top then hope your pot doesn’t boil over while cooking your brown rice making use of the Immediate Pot for brown rice.

Fresh and frozen vegetables by Immediate Pot.  This list shows you the cooking time for fresh and frozen veggies using the Instant Pot.

Perfect baked sweet potatoes in the stress cooker and oven by Fat Cost-free Vegan Kitchen.


Immediate Pots can lead to wonderful and wholesome lightning-rapidly meals that you never imagined you could appreciate on week nights.  Combining the swiftness with an easy to use appliance can make any cook-from novice to knowledgeable- comfortable with Instant Pot’s amazing capabilities.

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