4 Smoothie Components You In no way Believed To Use

This post originally appeared in the December 2016 concern of SELF.

Who does not love a excellent smoothie? They’re delicious, packed with nutrients, convenient to carry, and simple to make. If you are a smoothie pro, then you probably already know about how to make confident your smoothies pack a lot of filling protein and don’t overdo it on the sugar. You might even be as into freezer-pack smoothie prep as we are. But even the smooth(i)est operator could use a little inspiration from time to time. Here, Lindsey Pine, R.D., offers the dish on four tasty add-ins you might not have tried yet—all of which are currently trending at smoothie bars in New York City.

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1. Coconut Flakes

A teaspoon of coconut flakes sprinkled on leading of your smoothie adds texture and a hint of tropical flavor. Just be certain you get them unsweetened—some include artificial sweeteners.

2. Beets

Brightly colored veggies like beets support reduce blood stress and the risk for heart illness. Roast them first for a smoother consistency.

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3. Silken Tofu

If you are dairy-free of charge, tofu is a go-to plant-primarily based protein. For smoothies, silken performs best simply because of its yogurtlike creamy texture.

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four. Oats

Thanks to a type of fiber referred to as beta-glucan, oats lower cholesterol and enhance your immune system. Plus, they’ll maintain you full all the way to lunch.

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