7 Shocking health benefits of banana flowers

Most of us who eat bananas do not even know that banana flowers have remarkable health positive aspects.

In reality, banana trees are really distinctive. It is the ideal candidate for a zero waste policy. More than 90% of the tree can be utilised.

We all know about the rewards of the fruit to our bodies. But we do not know about the most improbable advantages of the banana tree flowers.

I believe you ought to know them and I have summarized 7 of these advantages under.

banana blossom flower

Who use banana flowers?

Individuals from South Asia and Southeast Asia are the ones that use banana flowers the most. They use it as a vegetable.

The consume it raw in a salad. Nonetheless, most of the Asian men and women prefer it steamed with dips.

But that is not all, they also cook soups, fry it and make some great curries.

If you like artichoke, then the flavor is comparable.

Like in any artichoke, you can consume both the fleshy part of the bracts and the heart of the flower.

Here is how you cut the banana flower and I’ll give you a recipe at the bottom of this post.

Wellness benefits  of banana plant flower

There are plenty of wellness rewards of this flower, but the 7 most essential ones are described under.

1. Decrease free radical activities

Get rid of free radicals with banana blossom flowers

Components of banana flowers are higher in antioxidant compounds. It is these compounds that are really very good for you. They fight free of charge radicals, which are the lead to of cancers.

In fact, the antioxidants contained in the flower have anti-aging properties as well. So if you are hunting for a item that kills cost-free radicals and keeps you young, look no additional. These flowers are the solution.

two. Treat your infections

Infection Control using chemicals or banana flowers

1 of the most beneficial traits of banana flowers is their capacity to treat infections. The flowers contain what is named ethanol based extracts.

As such, they inhibit the growth of some of the worse pathogenic bacterias.

For instance, they kill bacillus subtalis (you genuinely don’t want to deal with this one particular. They also deal with bacillus cereus, and we do not need to have to overlook escherichia coli.

If you are wounded, then use banana flowers.

Scientists have investigated the flower for a quantity of years. Their findings illustrated that it can inhibit the development of a specific sort of malarial parasite recognized as plasmodium falciparum. This analysis was achieved in vitro and is at present investigate even further.

three. Support mothers following birth

Enhance breast feeding with banana flowers

Many mothers face a quantity of issues soon after providing birth. A single of these is the quickly reduction of breastfeeding milk.

Not being capable to breastfeed your youngster could trigger a number of problems to your newborn as it will lack a set of important vitamins.

The great news is that banana flowers have a good effect on the supply of breast milk by boosting it. So, if you need to have more milk, consume this flower. It will absolutely help you.

4. Reduces Anxiety and enhance your mood

Get rid of anxiety with banana flowers

You need to have to avoid anti-depressant at all price as when you turn into dependent on them to feel very good, there is almost no way back.

So if you are depressing thoughts on a weekly basis, or if you are feeling down, then the answer may possibly be in this great flower.

Banana blossom flowers include magnesium. This substance has been scientifically confirmed that it reduce anxiety and greatest of all boost your mood levels.

In essence, these flowers are a natural anti-depressant. And very best of all, you do not have any side effects.

5. An outstanding supply of vitamins and minerals

Fill your body with minerals from banana flowers

Beneath, I shall offer you a summary of the nutritional information of banana flowers contain. But, to be brief, you require to know that this plant flower includes vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and E.

They have a high content material of potassium and phosphorus as nicely as fibers.

Just these couple of points show you that this plant is excellent for your overall health.

6. Help with diabetes and anemia troubles

Fight anemia with banana blossom flowers

The flower contains about 56 mg of iron per 100 g. The higher content of iron is best if you are a victim of anemia.

Believe about it, our bodies includes 70% of iron (in our blood). So consuming this plant will increase the content material of crucial iron in your physique.

It was described in a quantity of scientific journals that diabetic patients that have been provided to consume banana flowers lowered their blood sugar levels.

In fact, they even raised their level of hemoglobin in the physique. The explanation is that the flower is wealthy in fiber and iron which assists making red blood cells.

7. Reduces painful menstrual bleeding

Reduce PMS effect with banana flowers

Menstruation is a single of the worse time for a lady. She is faced with body pain and at time high loss of worthwhile blood.

Severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms are now becoming the norm.

Thankfully, the flower in a banana tree can aid with that. Consuming the flower will help with your progesterone hormone and as such decrease excessive bleeding.

Banana flower nutrition facts

The African Journal of Biotechnology has published the nutritional information of this great flower. It took into account the nutritional value for every single 100g of banana flower absorbed – Here are the values:

banana blossom flower

  • 553.3 mg of potassium, which is important for your heart and skeletal/muscular contractions.
  • 9.9 g Carb
  • 1.07 mg of Vitamins E
  • 73.three mg of Phosphorous – This is truly very good for your teeth and bones.
  • 56 mg of Calcium
  • 51 kcal
  • 48.7 mg of Magnesium – Amazing resource that boosts your nerves, muscles, immunity, heart, bones, glucose/fat/protein processes functioning
  • 1.six g of Protein
  • .6 g of Fat
  • 56.four mg of Iron – Amazing against anemia.
  • five.7 g of Fiber
  • 13 mg of Copper

Banana flower salad recipe


Here you have the tools to fight bad mood, depression, anemia, higher blood sugar, poor menstruation, infections and cost-free radicals with out forgetting anxiousness and the most important, the protection of you kid when breastfeeding.

You are prepared to eat banana flowers, and these are great to consume. Get some supplements if you really feel not prepared to consume the flowers.

Back to you

I hope you enjoyed the health benefits of banana flowers and that you will get some to eat soon. Please do not overlook to take action and like the post. Share it with your friends and households and please leave a comment below.

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