9 Baked Pasta Recipes That Are Actually Kind of Healthy

Baked pasta is the quintessential comfort food. It is warm, carbalicious, and usually (but not constantly) topped with melted cheese—everything a particular person could want on a dreary, rainy, or otherwise cruddy day. The problem is, nonetheless, a heavy sauce plus lots of carbs does not truly make you feel much better. It just tends to make you want a nap. And while we adore a Sunday pasta nap as considerably as the next particular person, there has to be a way to take pleasure in the comfort of a baked pasta dish with out the carb coma.

Enter these vegetable-packed baked pastas. Typically when you eat a huge plate of carbs, your blood sugar spikes and then crashes, causing that icky tired feeling. The fiber in the vegetables, however—especially when combined with protein, as a lot of of these recipes contain—helps maintain your blood sugar steady.

Get ready to satisfy your craving for a warm, filling pasta dish and really feel good following polishing off your plate.

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