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drinks this tea to put an end to the abdominal fat

Drinks this tea to put an end to the abdominal fat,

The habitual consumption of this infusion combined with a diet healthy and abundant water will help us to lose that abdominal fat in much less time.

abdominal fat

abdominal fat

To put an end to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area is an objective that many want to reach.It is very important to keep in mind that the abdominal fat is the result of the bad function of some organs of our body, in charge of the cleaning of the organism.

Organs like the kidneys, the lungs, the liver and the colon are implied in usually purifying our body.

This way, if they don’t carry out this function in the appropriate way, it can be in an excess of abdominal fat.

The dangers of having abdominal fat,

abdominal fat

abdominal fat

To have abdominal fat besides that affects our corporal and low image our self-esteem, has disastrous consequences for our health

When we accumulate fat in the abdomen we are prone to suffer illnesses like: Hypertension Heart complications Diabetes Osteoporosis Breathing illnesses Migraines Insanity Fortunately, there are natural products that offer us very effective options to reduce the fat of the stomach.

Tea to reduce the abdominal fat definitively This tea can put an end to your abdominal fat. Their effectiveness resides in its ingredients, which have fantastic properties for desintoxicar the organism and to eliminate toxins.

Let us see like the 4 ingredients of this wonderful tea act:


Limon abdominal fat

Limon abdominal fat

The lemon is very effective to eliminate toxins. It is usually included always in milk shakes and teas to lose weight because, when it is ingested, he/she transforms into an agent removedor of fat in the blood.

Also, it contains vitamin C that is one of those in charge of reinforcing our system inmunitario, and citric acid that maximizes the function of the enzymes that you/they stimulate the liver. He/she is a diuretic acquaintance and it is rich in pectin, a component that he/she helps to maintain the satiety.

Also, it contributes to the alkalinization of the body, at the same time that it reduces the sensation of hunger during the day.


Cinnamon abdominal fat

Cinnamon abdominal fat

The cinnamon is known to maintain the levels of sugar in the blood. This helps to eliminate the picks and bassoons of insulin.

The ascents of insulin contribute to that the body doesn’t use all the glucose and that it finishes accumulating fat. When consuming cinnamon we achieve the levels of glucose in blood to be normal. The elevation of these levels is usually in an increase of weight and in big difficulties to lose it.

Bee honey:
Bee honey abdominal fat

Bee honey abdominal fat

Although the bee honey has something of more calories that the sugar (the sugar has 16 calories and the honey 21), it contributes nutritional more value and it is absorbed with more slowness.

The honey of bees contains vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids to those that are attributed properties therapeutic and many benefits for the health. Thanks to their components the honey of bees help to diminish the estrés, regulates the dream, it prevents the breathing illnesses and he/she has an effect laxative.


Ginger abdominal fat

Ginger abdominal fat

The ginger is anti-inflammatory, it promotes the sensibility to the glucose and it increases the serotonin levels, what helps to control the anxiety for the food.

It also stimulates the cleaning of the organism and combat the retention of liquids. On the other hand, it stimulates the production of the gastric juices, what reduces the nuisances associated to the indigestion and it favors a better absorption of nutritious and the elimination of wastes of the organism.

As preparing the tea to lose abdominal fat?

Ingredients: -A cup of water -A spoonful of powdered cinnamon (5 g) -The juice of half lemon -A spoonful of honey of bees (7,5 g) -A small piece of ginger

Preparation: It heats the cup of water and, when it arrives to boil, he/she adds all the ingredients, to exception of the amiel It allows him to be carried out the decoction during 10 minutes and then it allows to rest others 5. It strains, it sweetens with the spoonful of honey and he/she usually drinks.

When to take it?

When to take it. Abdominal Fat Tea

When to take it. Abdominal Fat Tea

So that he/she helps you to lose abdominal fat you should take this tea twice a day. An in the morning, in you fast, and in the night before sleeping. In the mornings, he/she remembers to wait half hour after the tea before taking any other food.

He/she remembers to be constant so that you can see the wanted effects. Keep in mind that, to obtain all the benefits that provide the ingredients of this tea, the ideal thing it would be to combine it with a healthy diet, regular exercise and to take a lot of water.

You will see that with the consumption of this tea, you will feel full with energy and you will see how your abdominal fat decreases notably. The combination of this tea with a healthy lifestyle can have astonishing results.Not doubt to change your habits and to include this tea in your daily diet.



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