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Kale Vegetables Information of nutrition of this super food. It is not only a garnish!

At some time you did wonder what that mysterious greenness that he/she adorned your plate and the bar of salads was? That greenness blue-green dark color with Kale borders is the Kale Vegetables, a super food. Yes, many people don’t realize, but the Kale Vegetables is eatable. And it is not only eatable but rather it is very flavorful if it is used correctly and one of the most nutritious vegetables that can eat!

Why is a super food the Kale Vegetables? Good.

Kale Vegetables

Kale Vegetables

The Kale Vegetables belongs to the same family of the plants that you/they contain sulfur like the broccoli, cabbages of Brussels, cabbage and cabbage. It is ideal to protect your health, a rich source of vitamins and minerals, and it prevents the cancer.

It has been demonstrated that the ten to fifteen compound órganosulfurados that contain these vegetable super foods are very effective against many cancer types, including stomach cancer, colon cancer, cancer of he/she suckles and ovary cancer. When these vegetables intersect or they are chewed, enzymes are activated in the liver and other enzymes that the cancerigenic agents disable in the body take place.

The studies have demonstrated that when the animals consumed these sulfuric compounds that are in the cabbages of Brussels, cabbage and Kale Vegetables, the tumors they decreased. Besides the potent órganosulfurados that help to protect against the cancer, the Kale Vegetables also protects the eyes with the carotenoides, luteína and zeaxantina. These phytochemicals help to protect the eyes against the damage of the light of the sun and the ultraviolet radiation and to prevent the waterfalls. A study demonstrated that people that had a rich diet in carotenoides had 50% less than risk of having waterfalls.

The Kale Vegetables is also to the end of the list for its great quantity of vitamin A, vitamin C, B6, manganese, calcium, copper and potassium!

Although a cup of Kale Vegetables only has 36 calories, it provides 192% of the daily value of vitamin A, and since it is about a vegetable source of this vitamin, you cannot suffer an overdose. That same cup of Kale Vegetables also provides almost 90% of the daily value of vitamin C. The vitamin C is a great cleaner of free radicals, preventing the damage inside of and outside of the cells.The vitamin C helps to reduce the damage of the inflammation (one of the main causes of illnesses of the heart and illnesses autoinmunes), he/she helps to oxidize the cholesterol, to combat infections, and to strengthen and to renovate the collagen of our skin for a healthy and juvenile appearance.

Kale Vegetables

Kale Vegetables Information of nutrition of this super food. It is not only a garnish

The manganese is an oligoelemento that is important for the synthesis of necessary fatty acid for the sexual hormones and the nervous system. Also help to metabolize and to use the energy of the proteins and the hydrates of carbon, for what is the perfect element to burn fat. The calcium of the Kale Vegetables when he/she combines with the vitamin A content and vitamin K2 of the shepherding butter, it is very used by the body and he/she works to revert the osteoporosis and to strengthen the bones. It is one in the best ways of maintaining your bones and strong teeth and of also maintaining the sanguine clean glasses.

Did you know that three portions of vegetables of green leaf a day can slow the mental deterioration that he/she comes with the age? The cabbage and other vegetables of green leaf can diminish this deterioration until 40%! This decrease has been compared with rejuvenating around 5 years. A fantastic greenness that makes you work as if you were 5 years old less – what it could be better!

Kale Vegetables Salad.

Kale Vegetables

Kale Vegetables salad

And it is also good for more things… the Kale Vegetables contains a phytochemical called indol-3-carbinol (I3C) that in fact reduces the secretion of a chemical substance of the liver that usually transports the cholesterol LDL (the bad type) to the fabrics and the sanguine glasses. It was also demonstrated in studies that I3C helps the effects of the xenoestrógenos that make that the abdominal fat is resistant to combat. Other vegetables crucíferas can also help to combat the abdominal fat.

The Kale Vegetables is a greenness of leaf of blued dark green color, with Kale leaves and firm shafts. He/she chooses the Kale Vegetables that is not soft neither he/she withers. For a better flavor, he/she chooses the Kale Vegetables with smaller leaves, since he/she has a softer flavor. The Kale Vegetables you can chop hang-over and to add small quantities to the salad, or you can fry them with some olive oil, shepherding butter and some lemon drops and garlic. Or it proves to stew it itched with sour chopped apple. It dews with some balsamic vinegar and it serves with nuts for above. The Kale Vegetables is simply so a potent and nutritious vegetable that you cannot allow to happen, next time that you see that they adorn your plate like garnish, eat up it – it is probably one of the most nutritious things in your plat.



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