PRP Free Treatment Session(s) Winner Selection

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Following the second and final random number generation, the winner and runner-up are as follows:

Winner = “Robb”

Runner-up = “Emperor Alopecia”

Ironically, the particular person who is positioned furthest away from Dr. Rapaport’s New Jersey workplace won! In the event that Robb does not make it or if Dr. Rapaport has concerns with scheduling and decides against accepting an individual from outdoors the US (unlikely), Emperor Alopecia will take Robb’s location.

I hate rejecting folks who are in the final five, but regrettably I have to do the prize drawings in this manner for now.  I require to get a couple of names in the second round drawing in the event that 1 or a lot more are suspicious entries, adjust their thoughts, do not e-mail me back, or if we need to have a backup winner in situations such as this uncommon several session PRP remedy prize drawing.

Robb, I will send your get in touch with details to Dr. Rapaport’s workplace. If you do not hear from them by early next week, please let me know.

I was shocked to get around 60 participants in the totally free PRP treatment prize drawing contest in spite of my discouraging people who reside far away from New Jersey from participating.

Rather of explaining the prize drawing winner choice procedure yet once again, I favor contest participants reading the winner selection post from the last time I ran such a contest. If you are lazy to do that or do not care about the particulars, I have pasted the major guidelines paragraph from the above at the end of this post.

The five folks that the random generation resulted in this time are as follows in alphabetical order (another random draw will be used to select the final winner from the below five as soon as they respond):

Emperor Alopecia (from NJ)

Kana (from Canada — please confirm that you can make it for at least two sessions, months apart from every single other)

Michele99 (from NY)

— Robb (from the UK — please confirm that you can make it for at least two sessions, months apart from each and every other)

Tom (from PA)

All 5 of you please post at least a single comment in this thread making use of the very same e-mail you used last time and the very same IP address/ laptop/location that you employed last time to post your comment. Also email me your complete name and physical address from the very same e-mail address that you utilized for commenting. I will wait for two days for responses.

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