Pasta with Shrimps Creamy Sauce

Pasta with Shrimps Creamy Sauce

Pasta with Shrimps Creamy Sauce

Pasta with Shrimps Creamy Sauce

The pasta with shrimps creamy sauce is my quick favorite food, it is versatile and it usually likes children and adults. Their flavor and their texture makes it a versatile ingredient that allows to prepare an endless number of delicious plates. This pasta with shrimps creamy sauce is a little a variation more gourmet of the one than my sister and I prepared when we were small. We made a creamy sauce with tuna and we added it to the spaghetti. For this occasion, and to give  the most special touch, I used shrimps that I love. The best in this plate is that you can have the clever food in 20 minutes.

10 ingredients

1 lb of pasta
2 spoonfuls of olive oil
4 cloves of garlic, finely dives
1 white, finely chopped onion
1 lb of shrimps Saves $
2 spoonfuls of tomato pasta
1/4 of cup of white wine
2 cups of cream of milk
2 spoonfuls of chopped onion Save $
Salt and pepper, to the pleasure

Step 1

Cooks the pasta in water for approximately 8 minutes, moving it from time to time so that comes unfastened.

Step 2

When the pasta is cooking, fry lightly the garlic and the onion in the oil until the onion is transparent. Adds the shrimps and it fries until they change gray completely to rosy. It incorporates the tomato pasta and it fries more 1 minute. Adds the wine and it allows to reduce. It pours the cream and kitchen to half fire for 8 minutes more. You also have to careful for to to cook pasta for long time. it will destroy the test of pasta.

Step 3

It mixes the pasta with the sauce, it sprinkles onion and it serves.




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