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Baseball training: Addison Russell’s 7 essential exercises for building strength and power

Baseball players get their power from the ground up. Sure, you can work out your arms until they’re Schwarzenegger-sized, but without working your legs too, you won’t be able to transfer that power from your body to the field. Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell knows this all too well. [RELATED1] Even though he plays a position that isn’t always known ...

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10 exercises that are especially difficult for tall guys

Most of the time, it pays to be tall. Step onto the basketball or tennis court, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a leg up over everyone else. But on the lifting platform? Sorry, dude. When it comes to weightlifting, short guys often have an advantage over their taller counterparts—we’re talking 6’2″ and over—simply because certain exercises favor their ...

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