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Want greater gains? Don't bring your phone to the gym.

Look, we get it: You are a busy guy, and busy guys have Instagram photos to post, texts to answer, and Tinder profiles to peruse. But when it comes to acquiring a solid workout in, you’re possibly better off leaving your phone in your locker. Even if you are not one of those infuriating people who scrolls on Instagram amongst ...

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The benefits of gains for your brain

The stronger you get, the more your brain benefits, a study from Sydney University in Australia has discovered. Researchers put 55- to 86-year-olds with “mild cognitive impairment”—a precursor to Alzheimer’s—on a weight-training program in which they lifted 80% of their max twice a week for six months. [RELATED1] By the end of the study, the parts of the subjects’ brains ...

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