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Tissue Organization Field Theory [Pharyngula]

It’s been a although considering that I brought everybody up to date on the progress of my Ecological Improvement course, simply because I’ve been busy. So have the students. After our spring break I subjected them to the dreaded oral exam, which really is not so poor. I attempted to engage them much less in an adversarial role and a ...

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Friday Cephalopod: I need a better excuse [Pharyngula]

It is Friday of the second week of classes. I’m currently frazzled and worn out — I get house at evening, slump into a stupor, and fall asleep by 10. This is not very good, specifically because I don’t have this excuse: sex tends to make squid exhausted. All I’m carrying out is teaching, teaching, teaching. Clearly the squid are ...

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Friday Cephalopod: Well, now I’ve lost my appetite [Pharyngula]

Sometimes, you just do not want to know about the lifestyles of the tentacled. MBARI The vampire squid lurks in the eternal midnight of the deep sea and a cloak-like net stretches among its eight arms. When threatened, it turns inside out, exposing rows of finger-like projections, called cirri. Vampire squid consume mainly “marine snow”—a mixture of dead bodies, poop, ...

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