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Trillions of Plastic Bits, Swept Up by Current, Are Littering Arctic Waters

Leer en español By TATIANA SCHLOSSBERG April 19, 2017 The world’s oceans are littered with trillions of pieces of plastic — bottles, bags, toys, fishing nets and far more, largely in tiny particles — and now this seaborne junk is generating its way into the Arctic. In a study published Wednesday in Science Advances, a group of researchers from the University of ...

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Off Long Island, Wind Power Tests the Waters

By DIANE CARDWELL January 21, 2017 Only a few years ago, the lengthy-held dream of harnessing the strong, steady gusts off the Atlantic coast to make electricity seemed destined to remain just that. Proposals for offshore wind farms foundered on the shoals of higher expenses, regulatory hurdles and the fierce opposition of these who didn’t want giant industrial machinery puncturing the pristine ...

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