Tricopigmentation: A Temporary Form of Scalp Micropigmentation

During the previous year, I have received a few requests to create a detailed weblog post on scalp micropigmentation (SMP), occasionally also termed as scalp hair tattooing. Earlier this year, I told numerous weblog commentators who asked that I would attempt to do so by fall. Nonetheless, I had to keep delaying this post due to other far more pressing developments in the hair loss planet as properly as some laziness on my portion in researching a subject in which I had very limited interest. In common, SMP is utilized to give a look of a shaven head that still has all its hair follicles (shadow) intact, even though increasingly, men and women are also receiving SMP to improve the look of a hair transplant.

Simply because scalp micropigmentation procedures have grow to be very well-liked in the course of the previous a number of years, I could not delay this post any longer. Furthermore, one particular of the world’s most respected hair transplant surgeons e-mailed me many months ago and told me that I need to write something about this subject matter as quickly as achievable simply because their was a lot of confusion in the field. He said that clinics had been hiding their proprietary methods from competitors and their is no official regulatory governing body when it comes to the SMP planet. i.e., the nonetheless nascent globe of SMP is not at all transparent at present to the detriment of consumers. It must be noted that in spite of some negative perform out there, several individuals have been really pleased with their SMP procedures and I have seen some excellent just before and soon after photos on the web. Just like with hair transplants and hairpieces, for some people, tattooed hair on their scalps is almost as good as a remedy for hair loss. I think head shape and facial skin sort/condition also impacts the final satisaction when it comes to SMP.

Tricopigmentation Versus Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Right away after I started researching this post, I realized that I may possibly have to write at least two posts on scalp hair pigmentation/ tattooing procedures: one particular on tricopigmentation and 1 (or possibly even two) on scalp micropigmentation. This particular post will focus on tricopigmentation.

At a bare bones level of understanding, tricopigmentation is just a “temporary” form of “permanent” scalp micropigmentation. Even so, the definition of “temporary” and “permanent” varies based on clinic and strategy being utilized. It appears like “temporary” tricopigmentation ink marks can final anywhere from six months to 2-three years. At the same time, some (but not all) of the so-known as “permanent” ink marks in SMP can fade or even disappear within 5 years and usually require additional touch-up procedures. However, I will save the specifics of the SMP discussion for another post.

Milena Lardi, Beauty Health-related and Tricopigmentation

The person that is most widely related with tricopigmentation is Italian Milena Lardi, the founder, teacher and technical director at Beauty Healthcare (Italy). Whilst I am not certain if Ms. Lardi is the inventor of temporary forms of scalp hair tattooing (certainly many individuals should have tried in the previous?), she has these days grow to be synonymous with the term “tricopigmentation”. Her reputation in the market seems to be unmatched and stellar. Nonetheless, it does not appear like she has any type of registered trademark or copyright to the name “tricopigmentation”. As a side note, HIS Hair Clinic claims to be the world’s initial company that offered SMP, 14 years ago. Nonetheless, even they do not look to have the rights to the term “scalp micropigmentation”.

According to Ms. Lardi’s Beauty Health-related internet site, tricopigmentation is performed in the upper layer of the dermis. Note that the dermis is the second layer of human skin beneath the epidermis first layer. Skin damage to the epidermis can frequently be reversed, but skin harm to the dermis is significantly tougher to reverse. It is as a result essential to do thorough investigation before embarking on a scalp tricopigmentation procedure. According to Beauty Health-related, “tricopigmentation is reversible, non-allergenic and bio-compatible thanks to the use of specific pigments which can be absorbed by the body”. The pigments are microscopic and in the shape of dots. Most patients will demand at least one touch-up procedure within the first year after the initial tricopigmentation procedure.

Is Short-term the Superior Choice?

According to quite a few on the web opinions, short-term hair tattooing (aka tricopigmentation) is the way to go whilst permanent hair tattooing (aka SMP) is as well harmful. At 1st glance this seems obvious, just like with any type of physique tattooing. Nevertheless, permanent SMP does provide its personal benefits that I will go over in an upcoming post, and there are numerous clinics about the globe that offer SMP. If there had been hundreds of buyers getting key regrets many years following receiving SMP procedures, we would be seeing far far more on the web negativity as properly as lawsuits against clinics by now. At the identical time, SMP is far also current a procedure to know for positive what folks will really feel like 10-20 years down the road (when the complaints might really proliferate), and for now I would definitely go for short-term more than permanent if I had to decide on. But I am constantly quite conservative in such matters. In 2014, Dr. Arvind Poswal (India) who got education from Milena Lardi started an superb thread on Hairsite about this subject and Ms. Lardi also posted a detailed response in there towards the bottom. Both of these two pros appear to prefer temporary tricopigmentation to permanent SMP.

Obtaining stated all that, please keep tuned for my future post on SMP given that it is almost certainly a bit biased on my component to favor temporary more than permanent without as but possessing even completed my investigation on SMP.

Tricopigmentation in Combination with a Hair Transplant

Numerous hair transplant surgeons have now started to provide tricopigmentation in tandem with a hair transplant in order to make the final outcomes even better, especially in these with extensive places of baldness that can not completely be covered with a hair transplant. It seems like most hair transplant surgeons choose tricopigmentation more than SMP. One particular surgeon e-mailed me that his clinic provides procedures that can last 1-two years, or three-four years, but something permanent is not very good. I will add a lot more right here if I get feedback on details with regards to when ink lasts 1-2 years versus 3-four years. Of course some of that will depend on the biology of person sufferers and their scalps as well as their life style. Rain will not get rid of the ink, but as well considerably direct sunlight can potentially influence the duration of outcomes it seems.

A single blog reader e-mailed me in the past that he was curious if a scalp micropigmentation process could cover his negative linear scar at the back of his scalp from a strip (FUT) hair transplant procedure. That is an interesting concept and Dr. Poswal has a great video on the viability of such a process.

Tricopigmentation Technique Variations

Tricopigmentation tactics vary depending on clinic and practitioner. The two primary differences are almost certainly in the kind of ink/pigment utilized and in the sort of tools utilized. I doubt that the depth of remedy varies also a lot amongst experienced practitioners when it comes to short-term scalp hair tattooing, but I will refrain from producing any conclusions here. It is imperative that a single goes to a extremely respected and knowledgeable particular person or clinic for this treatment in order to get a good quality hairline style and make certain a all-natural looking look. Some clinics claim to use software and computers (which reminds me of the ARTAS hair transplant robot, although that is considerably more sophisticated and costly). Beauty Medical has proprietary “Trico Skin Care” machines and .two milimeter diameter “Tricoinjector” needles which it sells to practitioners that it has trained and licensed. It seems like the machines are set to inject at precisely .5 millimeter depth every time with no area for variation (as would be the case with purely human hands and no machine help).

Here is a a good overview of what is involved in the tricopigmentation procedure.

I will add far more information to this section and the a single(s) under as I get far more responses from clinics.

Type of Ink employed in Tricopigmentation

According to Milena Lardi from the earlier link that I posted in red:

The pigment is composed of a powder element and a liquid component:

Powder component = iron oxide and titanium bioxide.
Liquid element = water, alcohol, isopropyl and glycerine (coming from soya).

Expense of Tricopigmentation

The expense of tricopigmentation varies based on area that needs to be covered. Online estimates seem to usually variety from $ 1,000 to $ four,000 per session.

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