Whole Wheat Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese

Southwestern flavor meets comfort meals meets healthful family members dinner with this Whole Wheat Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese.

Whole Wheat Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese

Is there any food youngsters enjoy more than macaroni and cheese? That creamy, mild, carb-a-licious dish has hooked little ones for generations. (Want to guess my preferred food circa 1990? Yup.)

But as parents, mac-and-cheese can leave us wanting much more. We want far more nutrition, more veggies, and bolder flavors and textures.

Nicely, we’ve located the easy-to-make dinner that pleases everyone! Rich cheesy noodles mingle with saucy chili that is complete of vegetables, turkey and beans. There’s a small spice, but not also a lot (my two-year-old can deal with it.) Plus lots of fiber from whole wheat noodles and beans, and a rainbow of veggies cooked right in.

It’s a single of those meals that we immediately added to the “make-again” list. And we consider you’ll love it just as a lot.

Just don’t trip over one another in your rush for seconds…

Whole Wheat Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese

The Secret

The secret to outstanding chili mac and cheese is to commence with excellent chili! So this recipe starts with a pot of chili that is so good, it can be a stand-alone meal all by itself. (Bonus: it comes together rapidly, with only a tiny hands-on time.)

We packed our chili full of veggies and spices for tons of flavor and nutrition: carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes, kidney beans, bell peppers, cumin, and just enough chili powder for a kid-sized kick.

Whole Wheat Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese

Ground turkey adds protein and a tiny wholesome fat (we like turkey that is not As well lean). You can also substitute ground beef, if you favor, for an even richer chili base.

Whole Wheat Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese

Whole Wheat Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese

Prep It!

This meal fits into even the busiest schedule: you can make the chili up to two days ahead, or you can start off the chili in the morning, and let it simmer on low all day.

We like to grate the cheese and boil the whole wheat noodles ahead of time, as well, so all you have to do at five o’clock is stir everything with each other, and sprinkle on a handful of scallions.

Then, the ideal part: you get to sit down to to the gooiest, healthiest, and tastiest chili mac this side of anywhere.

Whole Wheat Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese

This recipe tends to make a enormous pot of nourishing food. Appreciate leftovers, pack some in your kids’ thermoses for college, or freeze half for a fast homemade meal for the duration of a busy week. Your future self will thank you!

Whole Wheat Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese
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